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welcome to Davis School For Jewelers

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Mission & Vision


Exquisite Custom Jewelry Designs , Advance Laser Technology, Certified Loose Diamond Program , Fina

At Davis School For Jewelers, we strive to provide top-of-the-line jewelry training to individuals who are seeking an alternative career path. Our mission is to equip our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in today's jewelry industry. With our experienced staff and modern facilities, we offer a fulfilling and rewarding career for all our students. Our focus on reaching out to people of color is a testament to our commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse learning environment. We teach our students to operate with integrity and excellence, with a sound moral foundation.

Our School

our classes will last 6 months , the class will meet 4 days a week for 2 hours a day, with each week focuses on one kind of repair. we believe practice makes prefect, our goal, ever student will become proficient in ever aspect of there training. we believe, When preparation meet opportunity success is imminent.

all student who completes the basic repair class will  be allowed to keep there hand tools, pliers ,saw, hammers

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At Davis School For Jewelers, we strive to give students the best education possible when it comes to jewelry making. We offer a variety of courses, ranging from beginner to advanced, so that our students can find the right class to fit their skill level. Our passionate instructors are passionate about teaching and are excited to help students unlock their creative potential.

Our goal is to provide students with the necessary tools, knowledge and guidance to excel in the world of jewelry. With a focus on both the craft and the business side of things, we strive to give our students the skills they need to make it in the jewelry industry.

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